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Quoted in the media: Faculty members Michael McCall, Stephen Tropiano and Zillah Eisenstein; and student Kayla Streeter. For more information on the following articles, please visit the IC in the Media page at the Office of Media Relations:

IC in the Media

Post Star
January 13, 2013
Kayla Streeter, Ithaca College student
Hadley-Luzerne graduates pass on their college wisdom to Hadley-Luzerne students

The Detroit News 
January 14, 2013
Michael McCall, professor of marketing and law
Here’s a tip: Make sure you leave one

January 14, 2013
Stephen Tropiano, professor of television-radio
Jodie Foster’s rambling speech lacked three key words

Aljazeera Magazine
January 21, 2013
Zillah Eisenstein, distinguished scholar in residence
Dark, zero-feminism