Problems Using Parnassus and HomerAdmin on Macs


Contributed by Karen Sunderland

As of early in the day on Thursday, January 31st, many Mac users have reported that they are unable to use Java-based applications such as Parnassus "core applications" and HomerAdmin on their Mac computers.

This is because Apple has blocked Java from running in the Safari Web browser due to security problems with Java. Java is blocked on virtually all internet-connected computers, not just at Ithaca College. The IC environment is further complicated by the fact that Parnassus requires an older version of Java.

This problem does not affect Windows users. It also does not affect Parnassus "self-service" or HomerConnect users on Mac. However, it may affect other Java-based applications that require a Safari Java plug-in.

At this time, there is no reliable workaround on Mac computers. Java is developed by Oracle, and there have been no announcements from Oracle as to when an updated version of Java will be released.

Users who need to use Parnassus core apps and HomerAdmin are advised to do so from a Windows computer, if one is available in their area. If not, users may contact the Helpdesk to check the availability of a loaner Windows laptop. 

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