February Work/Life Line: Exercising Your Mind: The Benefits of Staying Mentally Active


Contributed by Katie Sack

We all know the importance of exercising our bodies to stay in shape and stay healthy, but one thing that is equally as important is exercising your brain to keep it fit and healthy.  

Studies show that performing brain exercises to keep your mind active can help you maintain the best possible brain functioning, even into old age. By doing certain brain “exercises”, you can enhance concentration, boost brain function, counter the normal mental aging process, and even avoid or delay dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.  While there are countless studies that show the significance between physical exercise and a healthy brain, “mental engagement is consistently linked with a decreased risk of a decline in thinking skills. So games, puzzles, and other types of brain training may help slow memory loss and mental decline”.[1]

Learning something new makes new brain cells grow. You could even try something as simple as occasionally eating with your non-dominant hand.

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Come to the February Lunch and Learn, “Exercise Your Mind: The Benefits of Staying Mentally Active,” on February 13th, from 11-12 in the Peggy Ryan Williams Center HR Conference room. RVPSs are appreciated to benefits@ithaca.edu or 274-8000.  

We will be hearing from Assistant Professor of Aging Studies, Chris Pogorzala.  Chris will be speaking to us about the importance of exercising your mind and the effects it can have on curbing the natural aging process of your brain.

[1] "Brain Exercises and Dementia." WebMD. WebMD, n.d. Web. 25 Jan. 2013.

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