Faculty Council Makes Huron Report Recommendations


Contributed by Peter Rothbart

In its January 2013 meeting, Faculty Council spent considerable time discussing the Huron Report and made the following recommendations:

1. Huron’s recommendation regarding ‘aligning program capacity with applicable demand,’ should not be acted upon until after a faculty-led program review is completed or until all departments have completed their program review. The motion was passed with 19 members in favor, 1 opposed, and 4 abstentions. 

2. Faculty Council recommends that the evaluation of the Huron sections as pertains to parking and health benefits reflect the sensitivity to income and family structures of IC’s employees. The motion was passed with 24 members in favor, 0 opposed and 2 abstentions.

3. Faculty Council does not support fee for parking because the projected revenue does not outweigh the additional burden on faculty and staff. The motion was passed with 13 members in favor, 9 opposed and 4 abstentions.

For further information regarding the discussion and thoughts behind these recommendations, please see the meeting minutes and Faculty Council News for January 13 at the Faculty Council website: www.ithaca.edu/fc. Information will be posted shortly.