Do you know how much you should be saving? What a 401k is? If you need life insurance?


Contributed by Caryanne Keenan

Come to this TIA Talks presentation, designed to teach people about money management, with a focus on issues faced by women:

TIA stands for Teach, Initiate, Advocate! TIA Talks, inspired by the popular, award-winning TED Talks, are a series of presentations by some of Ithaca College’s most knowledgeable and inspirational speakers around the issue of gender equity. This series offers ideas to change attitudes and inspire action to eliminate the gender pay gap among new college graduates. All sessions will be interactive and informal – and video-recorded for future trainings on campus and in the local community.  

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The TIA Talks Series is sponsored by OSEMA & Career Services through the AAUW CAP Grant.

Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Caryanne Keenan at or (607) 274-3365, or Michele Lenhart at We ask that requests for accommodations be made as soon as possible.