Change in Name Badge Ordering Process Effective March 1, 2013


Contributed by Rachel Reuben

Effective Friday, March 1, 2013, the Center for Print Production will assume responsibility for accepting and filling orders for official college name badges. Departments will be recharged for all new orders placed after this date. The Division of Enrollment and Communication initially funded these badges in recent months to assist with the transition to the new style and ordering system.

Name badges worn by employees are part of the college’s visual identity system. Consistency and uniformity across the campus and at events are important in projecting a positive image of the institution and the Ithaca College brand.

The order form can now be found on the Center for Print Production website. That page also contains the standardized badge design options.

Please contact Wendy Fonder at the Center for Print Production at 4-3220 or with any questions.