Clarissa Plank, BA Art Education 2010, will give a slide lecture about her current work in progress as an MFA candidate for SUNY New Paltz on Friday February 22 at 11am in 121 Ceracche Center


Contributed by Denise Vanderburgh

Clarissa’s work deals with the intersection of human and natural systems. In her fine art prints, she responds to different facets of the earth, everyday life, and social systems. She aims to cause the viewer to pause, caught by a spark of recognition, surprise, or curiosity.

Clarissa’s work has been exhibited at the International Print Center in New York. Her pieces have appeared at the Yoga House in Kingston, NY; the Unison Gallery at Water Street in New Paltz, NY; the Handwerker Gallery and the Ink Shop, both in Ithaca, NY.

“My work revolves around the relationship between natural and man-made systems, and the creation of stories. I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, where I spent much of my life outdoors, learning, pretending, and discovering every inch of the world I knew. This attuned my senses to the living things around me, and helped me to develop a keen scrutiny of the world”.

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