C2C Grants for Summer Projects DUE 4/15/13


Contributed by Fabina Colon

Committed to Change Career Development Grants (up to $1500 per project)

Grants are available to all enrolled Ithaca College students to engage in experiences to develop sustainability skills, provide professional development experiences, and engage in research projects that will help further their post-college careers. Funds can be used for:

  1. transportation to attend professional conferences to present research,
  2. transportation or registration fees to attend skill-building or training workshops,
  3. to support living expenses to allow students to take unpaid internships, or
  4. supplies and equipment for research projects.

Deadline of April 15 to award remaining funds for *summer projects.

*NOTE: Projects must be carried out during Summer term and completed by August 1st.

Details and the application can be found on the C2C Website!