"Performance Psychology: Positive Results for Everyone." Applying sport psychology principles to your life.


Contributed by Justine Vosloo

The Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences is proud to host the event: "Performance Psychology: Positive Results for Everyone" featuring performance psychology consultant JF Menard on Tuesday March 5th at 10:50am in Natural Sciences Room 112.  All members of the Ithaca College community are welcome to attend.

JF Menard is a well-respected consultant and international speaker who helps athletes, performers and businesses to reach greater heights in performance. He distinguishes himself from others with his personality and personal values. His clients say that he attracts people because of his captivating passion, creative methods and positive attitude.  

For the past five years, JF Menard has been privileged to work with top level performers, with highly experienced elite coaches and with an exceptional support staff at Cirque du Soleil. This internationally acclaimed entertainment company showcases the true meaning of expertise. The professional environment at Cirque Du Soleil has allowed him to grow tremendously while earning a reputation as a well-respected expert in the field.  

JF Menard now works with Olympic level athletes, successful business leaders and professional performers across the globe.