Of The Month Winners for February


Contributed by Marissa D'Ambrosio

On behalf of the National Residence Hall Honorary - Ithaca College Chapter, congratulations to all nominees on their outstanding contributions to the Ithaca College community.  We had 24 nominations for the month of February, a record breaking number for Ithaca College.  Thank you to our dedicated nominators who took the time to recognize these outstanding individuals and programs.  You can take part in this recognition process and submit an OTM for the month of March by April 1st.  Check out our website or other Intercom announcements about how to nominate.  

Campus Winners:

Adviser: Rachel Cullenen  

Institutional Faculty/Staff: Megan Wagner  

Residential Life Faculty/Staff: Art Simms  

Resident Assistant: Matt Rich  

Residential Community: Terraces 1-4  

Social Program: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream - Emerson Staff


Campus Honorable Mentions:

Institutional Faculty/Staff: Wendy Penfold and Mike Yurko

Residential Life Faculty/Staff: Megan Williams and Pat Walsh

Resident Assistant: Emily Francis, Hannah Oppenheim, Joanna Hernandez, Rachel Gray, Justine Gray, Brian Sanyshyn, Matthew Boyce, Angelique (Lulu) Ward

Residential Community: Terrace 3 HOME community

Social Program: Circles Chef Showdown, Cross-Country Skiing by Outdoor Learning Community, Boothroyd Dodgeball Tournament and More, and Pizza by Terrace 10