All the info you need about correct exercise technique, but were too afraid to ask!


Contributed by Sharon Cardinal

Find out about how to correctly use the plethora of equipment available in modern gyms, and help Exercise & Sport Sciences students study at the same time!

Students enrolled in the ESS Department’s Exercise Techniques class will be practicing on Wednesday, March 27th at 3pm for their practical exam.  We would love those who aren't regular exercisers and have no precluding health conditions (eg, heart / pulmonary conditions, diabetes) to act as clients for our students.  You will gain familiarity with stretching techniques, use of cardio exercise machines like the treadmill and elliptical, as well as upper and lower body resistance machines.  Students usually practice their teaching skills on equally-skilled peers, so the rustier you are, the better!

There will be 3 Wegman’s gift cards as door prices – we only need 12 people, so you’ll have a 25% chance of winning!

Please contact Sharon Cardinal ( to register or to ask any questions.