Barney Beins, Brandy Bessette-Symons, Judith Pena-Shaff, Nancy Rader, Hugh Stephenson, Leigh Ann Vaughn, and 22 psychology students present research at professional conference in New York, NY


Contributed by Leigh Ann Vaughn

On March 2 and 3, 2013, 22 students representing  from 6 research teams presented 11 posters about their research at the Annual Convention of the Eastern Psychological Association, in New York, NY.

The students were supported by a School of Humanities and Sciences Educational Initiative Grant of $4138. The research teams and their research were as follow (EPA attendees are in bold font):

Cognitive Development (Professor Nancy Rader): Joshua Leimer, Ted Alhanti, Briana Farringer, Stephanie Miller, Rebecca Post, Megan Long, Nadine Cohen, Glendenise McPherson, Yuberky Reyes, and Allegra Damari

Developmental and Educational Psychology (Professor Judith Pena Shaff): Brittany Raftis, Abigail Fink, Abigail Dixon, Ashley Braziel, Brendan Shaw

Clinical and Mental Health Research (Professor Hugh Stephenson): Alex Moin and Sophia Terazawa

Emotional and Physiological Influences in Cognition (Professor Brandy Bessette-Symons): Katie Straka, Jessica Blake, Mary Kate Fain, Kalie MacKenna, Tiffany DeRidder, Melanie Ziegler, Lauren Masser, Andrew Lemieszewski, and Emma Knighton

Humor (Professor Barney Beins): Natalie Mendes and Daniel Leibel

Social Judgment (Professor Leigh Ann Vaughn): Miranda Gehris, Jesse Held, Brittany Carey, Ashlyn Velte, Katrina Vega, Julian Bevan, and Eileen Grandel