FLEFF Workshop: TRUST: Campaign to Fight Climate Change with Kelly Matheson of Witness.org


Contributed by Karen Rodriguez

We are rapidly approaching a “tipping point” beyond which it will become virtually impossible to reverse climate change, yet our government leaders continue to ignore the existing, scientifically-proven solutions for reversing climate change. The human rights challenge is most succinctly summarized by Mary Robinson, “Climate change will, in short, have immense human consequences.” But there is hope, and it lies in the voice and power of our youth.

You have two opportunities to attend this workshop:

Tuesday April 4

1:10-2:25pm Job 161


4:00-5:15 Williams 502


Kelly Matheson, Program Manager for the Americas at Witness.org is an attorney, filmmaker and human rights advocate who previously worked with WITNESS to launch the first Video Advocacy Institute. As an attorney, she worked as a Law Fellow in Tanzania researching citizens’ rights to bring suit against their governments when governments broke their own laws. She also practiced throughout the western United States working on issues where environmental and human rights converge. She began creating films in 2003 as part of Montana State University’s MFA Documentary Filmmaking program. Her film projects focus on indigenous and environmental rights in Central America, the United States and the Congo Basin. Kelly returned to WITNESS after working as a Fulbright researcher in Congo-Brazzaville where she collaborated with a video-centered outreach project to determine the effectiveness of video to change health and conservation practices.


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