"Crafting the Bamasaba" (Uganda, 2009, 62 min) is a film by Dominica Dipio about Imabul (ritual male circumcision) which is mandatory for all males in the Bagisu community. With Dr. Dipio, Thursday April 4, 4pm. Williams 323.


Contributed by Stewart Auyash

DOMINICA DIPIO is an associate professor of literature and film from Makerere University and the coordinator of the Folklore Project from the South. She is currently based at Kennesaw State University in Georgia where she is a Fulbright fellow writing on theoretical issues on African folktales. Her research areas include the African novel and film, folktale, gender and the media. She has published widely in these fields and has an upcoming book to be published by Unisa Press titled, Gender Terrains in African Cinema. Dipio is also a filmmaker. The titles of some of the films she has directed are: Abused Innocence: The Plight of the African ChildCrafting the Bamasaba, A Meal to Forget, and The Green Dream.

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