Professor William Ressler - Keynote for the Whalen Academic Symposium on Thursday


Contributed by MaryAnn Taylor

                                 8:45 am – Emerson A – Opening Ceremony

Come and hear Professor William Ressler, Department of Strategic Communication, present:

                “Looking Beyond the Streetlight: Discovering the Powers of Research”

                                   How to carry out research: receive unexpected inspiration,
                                  look at understudied perspectives, and find unanticipated joy


Professor Ressler teaches marketing communication as well as research and statistics at IC.  His own research explores ways in which internal and external communications interact, and it combines different quantitative and qualitative research methods. In particular, he is interested in the benefits derived by professional and college athletes when they perform acts of community service. He is also interested in the ways in which an organization's culturally themed marketing communications affect the culturally identified members of that organization. As a communication consultant, he has planned, carried out, and evaluated cause related marketing campaigns.

Come and watch your classmates, fellow students, and colleagues who represent the Martin Luther King, Park Scholar, and Honors Writing and English programs, as well over 50+ sessions of student posters and presentations next Thursday, April 4, from 8:45 am – 3:50 pm in the Campus Center.

The Symposium will feature over 240 presentations of research, creative writing, and more, representing all disciplines, including the following selections:

The complete schedule of presentations and abstracts are now available on the website.

 Please note:   Faculty Colloquium begins at 5:00 pm in Clark Lounge


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