FLEFF DOWNTOWN -- This Weekend's Highlights


Contributed by Karen Rodriguez

Events with special guests and live music listed below. For a full listing, see our website at


Friday at Cinemapolis

7:00 AKA Doc Pomus w/filmmaker Peter Miller

7:10 Silenced Voices w/ exiled Sri Lankan journalist Sonali Samarasinghe

7:20 Couples w/ filmmaker Yong Ki Jeong

9:00 Wild Style w/ filmmaker Charles Ahearn

9:10 Children of Srikandi w/Laura Coppens, film producer, and Vanessa Domico, Outcast Films

8:30 Afterparty Chanticleer Loft, featuring The Bernie Upson Trio


Saturday at Cinemapolis

2:00 We Can’t Eat Gold w/filmmaker Josh Tucker

2:10 Old Dog w/Kevin Lee, dGenerate Films

4:10 Neighboring Sounds w/Carlos Gutierrez, Cinema Tropical

4:20 China Concerto, w/filmmaker Bo Wang

7:00 Sherlock, Jr. w/live music by Fe Nunn and friends

7:10 Once Upon a Time w/filmmaker Yong Ki Jeong

7:20 Thursday through Sunday w/ Carlos Gutierrez, Cinema Tropical

9:00 China Concerto w/filmmaker Bo Wang

9:30 Couples w/filmmaker Yong Ki Jeong

8:30 After Party@ Chanticleer Loft featuring Toivo


Sunday at Cinemapolis


1:45 Dear Governor Cuomo w/filmmaker John Bowermaster

4:00 Upstate Filmmakers Showcase w/ filmmakers Jason Bernagazzi, Vincent Grenier,

Jason Harrington, John Scott, Tomonari Nishikanna, Montieth McCollum, Becky Lane, Noni Korf

7:00 October w/live music by The Cloud Chamber Orchestra


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