Want to visit the Caribbean in January 2014?


Contributed by Susan Swensen Witherup

Please consider the NEW course BIOLOGY OF OCEANIC ISLANDS; open to ALL students.

(BIOL-20401 and HNRS-22000)

Are you interested in the forces that have shaped the islands of the Caribbean?  We are offering a interdisciplinary 3-cr. course (Biology of Oceanic Islands) this fall and an associated 1-cr. January course in the Caribbean.  This fall, we will consider the history of the Caribbean Islands and how human activities have shaped what we see on the islands today.

The January course will take place aboard the Sea Education Association's SSV Corwith Cramer. The vessel will sail for 8 days in the Caribbean departing from and returning to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

For more information, please contact Susan Swensen (sswensen@ithaca.edu) or Peter Melcher (pmelcher@ithaca.edu).