Want to hang out with awesome people, eat gummy worms, and produce an entire magazine in one weekend? Then apply to be the next Web/layout editor for Buzzsaw! Magazine!


Contributed by Danielle West

Buzzsaw Magazine is looking for a web and layout editor for the 2013-2014 school year! 


This position will work on both magazine layout and web managing. The job would involve managing the site by uploading articles and blogs, performing site maintenance and doing general site design updates as you see fit. The site (buzzsawmag.org) is run on Wordpress and we use Cyberduck for our FTP management.  We design our print magazine in Adobe InDesign and occasionally use Photoshop to design graphics. We are a learning publication, and therefore, indepth experience is not required, but working knowledge of these programs is preferred; we will work with the new editor to teach them the ins and outs of the job! To apply for the position or to learn more please contact us at buzzsawmag@gmail.com. We are looking to hire a person ASAP, so apply today!


Buzzsaw is a progressive publication and our goal is to publish original creative journalism, commentary and satire that works to deconstruct society, pop culture, politics, college life and dominant Western beliefs.