David Turkon (Anthropology) serves as discussant for panel on development at North Eastern Workshops on Southern Africa.


Contributed by Michael A. Malpass

The panel David was discussant on was entitled, "Development from 'Above' and 'Below': in Malawi, Lesotho and Zimbabwe."  The panel examined neoliberal development issues, migration and infrastructure development in diverse settings across southern Africa.

The North Eastern Workshops on Southern Africa (NEWSA) bring together scholars from across disciplines to examine myriad issues relevant to southern Africa from interdisciplinary perspectives. David, who is an anthropologist, was discussant for a panel that included a cultural geographer, a historian and an economist. The conference is small, and each two hour session includes only three or four pre-distributed papers. After brief summaries by authors and comments from the discussant, all attendees of a session participate in critical discussions that are intended to help authors solve conceptual and theoretical issues they are grappling with in their research. NEWSA takes place every one-and-one-half years in Burlington Vermont, rotating between Fall and Spring conferences.