Optical Scanning Procedures


Contributed by Karen Sunderland

Information Technology Services would like to remind instructors that all Optical Scanning exams that are processed will be moved into the instructor's Sakai Drop Box and all Course Evaluations processed will also be moved to the Administrative Assistant's Sakai Drop Box.

If you are not currently enrolled in your school's work site you will be enrolled when you drop off your first exam or course evaluation. Computer Operations no longer prints hard copies of the PDF reports but you are able to do so from Sakai. Instructions are sent with every set of reports that are moved to a Drop Box via a Sakai message to the @ithaca.edu email address.

Please visit our website for a comprehensive overview of the reporting options and procedures that are available in order to help ensure that the most efficient reporting options are selected.

If you have any questions please contact ITS Computer Operations at 274-3406.