Anthropology student and faculty members present at the New York State Archaeological Association Conference


Contributed by Brooke Hansen

The New York State Archaeological Association Conference was held in Watertown, NY on April 27 and 28, 2013. The Anthropology Department was well-represented.

The presentations included:

Macy O’Hearn ’13  “Emerging Issues in the Ceramics Analysis of Myers Farm, a 14th Century Cayuga Farmstead”  This original research, the basis of an upcoming Senior Honors Thesis, is being conducted on materials from the 2011 Archaeological Field School. Her trip was supported by grants from EGI and the Honors Program.

Jack Rossen “Reflections on Indigenous Archaeology and the Archaeological Field School in the Cayuga Heartland”

Jennifer Muller (with J.F. Byrnes, J.K. Odien, and J.E. Sirianni) “Erie County Poorhouse Cemetery Biological Anthropology”

In addition, Michael “Bodhi” Rogers of the Physics Department:  “A Review of Archaeogeophysical Surveys at Battlefield, Cemetery, and Haudenosaunee Sites in the Northeastern United States.”  This paper included discussions of collaborative research with Jack Rossen and Scott Stull of the Anthropology Department.

Photo: Macy O'Hearn learning how to make stone tools in a flintknapping workshop at the conference.