IC Mentoring Network Launches This Week


Contributed by Gretchen Van Valen

We are pleased to announce the launch of the IC Mentoring Network!

The IC Mentoring Network will be in the form of online discussions hosted on LinkedIn, where students, alumni, and the broader IC community can connect.

Within the LinkedIn group, there are also subgroups for discussions around the following topic areas:

Through these online discussions, alumni and IC community members have the opportunity to share their experiences and insights around career topics and their life path. Students will have the opportunity to benefit from shared perspectives, gaining valuable insights and information as they plan for careers and life after college.

The topic areas may shift and change as the mentoring network evolves, so don't hesitate to post information on the main IC Mentoring Network group page about career/life topics that you feel may be of interest to students.

Please join the IC Mentoring Network on LinkedIn and share your insights and experiences, network with other alumni and IC community members, and -- most important -- enjoy the conversation!