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Contributed by Belisa Gonzalez

The Urban Mentorship Initiative is a distance-mentoring program where students from IC are matched with eighth grade students from The School for the Urban Environment (UE) in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. In this year-long program, mentors and mentees communicate through both structured and unstructured interactions.  Mentors and mentees also participate in 3 required trips.  In late September, IC mentors travel to Brooklyn to meet their UE mentees.  Then, at the end of the Fall and Spring semesters, UE students travel to Ithaca.  

The program requires a year-long commitment, including participation in a 300-level Sociology course (1.5 credit course in the Fall and 1.5 credit course in the Spring). Note: For Sociology majors and minors, the course counts toward the Social Change area. For more information please contact Dr. Belisa Gonzalez at


SOCI 30500 Practicum in Social Change I: Urban Mentorship Initiative 

CRN #21584; TR 2:35-3:50

Instructor: Dr. Belisa González