Patricia Zimmermann invited speaker at University of Oregon and Cinema Pacific Film Festival


Contributed by Melissa Gattine

Patricia R. Zimmermann, professor of screen studies and Codirector of the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, was an invited speaker at the University of Oregon (UO) April 17-20, 2014.

As part of the Cinema Pacific Film Festival, Zimmermann delivered a lecture entitled “The Home Movie Archive Live,” analyzing archival, music, and live performance collaborations as mappings of new historiographic public spaces.

In collaboration with new media designer and director Helen De Michiel (Lunch Love Community project), she presented “Open Space Documentary: Transmedia, Encounters, Community,” analyzing how new digital forms and portals from across the United States and Southeast Asia recalibrate documentary.

In addition, Zimmermann conducted a moderated post-screening interview with Natalia Almada, director of Al Atro Lado (Mexico, 2006).

Zimmermann also presented a special workshop on the organization, multi-arts programming, live music/multimedia projects, new media initiatives, and community engagement of the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival to graduate students and faculty in the Arts and Administration program at UO.