Annual Performance Reviews for Staff/Administration


Contributed by Tanisha Malone

Submitted on behalf of Mark Coldren, AVP for Human Resources

We are pleased to announce that the Staff and Administration Performance Review Process is now available to be completed on-line.  The College Performance Review process will continue to follow the same overall approach and forms consistent with last year.  Points of emphasis for 2012-13 reviews include:

The performance review and self-assessment forms are now available on-line and are part of a workflow that follows the department reporting structure.  This on-line process allows for the forms and the review and acknowledgement process to be completed electronically and automatically attached to each individual employee’s record within Parnassus.  This on-line option mirrors the current College forms and expectations for completion.

The Office of Human Resources will be holding “drop-in” sessions in the coming weeks to provide employees and supervisors guidance and assistance in navigating the new on-line process.  The schedule of the “drop-in” sessions will be published shortly.  Instructions for accessing and navigating the on-line process can be found here:  2013-14 Instructions for Accessing Online Performance Review Process for those who would like to begin the process immediately.  

Using the on-line process is not a requirement for the performance review process.  The performance review and self-assessment forms can be downloaded from the Office of Human Resources web page:, and submitted to the Office of Human Resources upon completion. Simply click on each form to download it.

All performance reviews must be completed and acknowledged by July 19, 2013.  Individual employees are encouraged to actively participate in the performance review process.  This is an opportunity for individuals to take part in goal setting, provide feedback, and initiate communication with their supervisor. 

Please feel free to call the Office of Human Resources at x-8000 or Mark Coldren directly at x-3853 with any questions. 

Thank you.