Annual Review Process - Important Dates


Contributed by Tanisha Malone

Submitted on behalf of Cindy Reckdenwald, Director of Compensation, Payroll & Organizational Design

The staff and administration Annual Salary Review process will officially open on June 24, 2013.  This year, department supervisors will have a four-week period to make recommendations for salary adjustments with the process closing on July 19, 2013.  Just prior to the official opening or on or around June 17, 2013, department supervisors will receive detailed information regarding the annual salary review process along with guidelines for awarding salary increases and instructions for accessing the online process.  The new salaries will become effective with the first pay period in August. The actual check dates will be August 15th for those paid on a semi-monthly basis and August 16th for those paid on a bi-weekly basis.

Again this year, staff from the Office of Human Resources will be available to answer questions and provide guidance and instruction on accessing the Annual Salary Review process in Parnassus  at “drop in” sessions to be scheduled during the months of June and July.

As communicated earlier, the Board of Trustees approved a salary increment budget of 2.5%, of which 2.0% will be allocated for general merit increases and .5% will be used to reward exceptional work.   Department supervisors will be asked to enter their recommendations for adjustments based on their overall performance discussions, and reflective of their communication with individual staff members as part of their annual performance review.

Please feel free to call the Office of Human Resources at x-8000 or Cindy Reckdenwald directly at x-3850 with any questions.

Thank you.