Bike School Celebrates 20th Anniversary Next Week!


Contributed by Paul Deamer

The Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management will host the 2013 Annual Law Enforcement Bike School next week, June 10-14, celebrating their 20th anniversary.

In honor of this special occasion, Ithaca College will be offering some additional features, such as having course instructors from the very first class to discuss the evolution of the course and bike patrol itself.  Participants will also receive a commemorative coin and t-shirt. 

Over five days, law enforcement participants from all over New York State will receive instruction utilizing specialized mount bikes for patrol activities.  The course combines classroom training and practical exercises, which includes riding evolutions, mock scenarios, obstacle negotiation, dismounts, and take downs.  Students will learn cycling techniques involving obstacles such as stairs, pallets, curbs, parking lots and off-road trails.

Congratulations to Deputy Chief David J. Dray and the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management on this milestone. 

For more information on the Bike School, click here.