Human Genetics for non-majors: 3-credit online course begins July 1st


Contributed by Erica Marx

Do genes make someone gay?  Alcoholic?  Politically conservative?  an extravert?  Can we clone people?  Should we?  Can genetics and evolution explain religious belief?  Are humans still evolving?  What is in my own family history, and what can I do about it?!!

In this online course designed for the non-biology major will explore real-world issues in human genetics with an emphasis on personal health, the evolution of humans, and emerging ethical issues.  

This one-month course is designed to be fun, interactive, fast-paced, and personalized to the goals and interests of each student.  The course is centered around several core projects that give students the opportunity to explore topics of their own interest and research their own family history.   Join us in July for a whirlwind exploration into the biology of the human experience!  

Fulfills 3 credits of distribution requirements: General Education Science 2a, Natural Science (NS), and Liberal Arts (LA)   

BIOL 10700  Human Genetics   
July 1 - August 2 (Summer II)
3 credits, no prerequisites  

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