Paula Turkon Awarded NSF Grant


Contributed by Kimberly Anderson

The National Science Foundation has awarded a grant in support of the project entitled “Collaborative Research: Chronology of Epi-Classic Northwestern Mesoamerica” under the direction of Professor Paula D. Turkon, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies and Sciences. 

The Epi-Classic Period (A.D. 700–900) witnessed the most significant northward expansion of the Mesoamerican culture but was also one of the most socially and politically turbulent periods in Mesoamerican pre-history. Primarily because of imprecise chronological control, it is also one of the least understood. This project will initiate the development of a more secure, high-resolution chronology by using the “dendro-14C wiggle-matching” method on existing collections of wood and charcoal available from Epi-Classic archaeological sites in the region. Though narrowly focused on the northwestern frontier of Mesoamerica, the strong connections between this and other regions will allow this project to advance the dating of pre-Hispanic cultural changes throughout Mesoamerica.