Taskstream Available August 12th for Faculty and Students


Contributed by Beth Rugg

Taskstream, the new institutional assessment and ePortfolio system, will be available August 12th for students and faculty. Students will use Taskstream for personal showcase portfolios; Teacher Education and the Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) will be using it for assessment. To access Taskstream, log into myHome and click on the Taskstream icon in the IC Services launcher on the left hand side of the page.



Additional information about Taskstream is available here. Several overview videos are available to help students get started using Taskstream:

Faculty DRF Evaluator training workshops are also available in the Technology Learning Center (TLC), Friends 101. Only faculty involved with DRF evaluation need to attend this training. Faculty Evaluator training begins August 12, 2013. If you are interested in attending one of these training sessions, please click this link to register for a Faculty Evaluator training session using the online training registration system.

WPM Student ePortfolios
Historically, Web Profile Manager (WPM) has been used for student showcase portfolios. By August 2014, Taskstream web showcase folios will replace WPM student ePortfolios. Please see this recent Intercom notice and website about this transition. After August 2014, WPM will no longer be an option for student ePortfolios. Students who need an ePortfolio after August 2014 should use Taskstream. Students currently using WPM ePortfolios will need to manually recreate their eportfolio in Taskstream over the next year.

LiveText Teacher Education ePortfolios
LiveText was used by Teacher Education for student assessment. Students with accounts can continue to use LiveText for personal showcase portfolios in addition to Taskstream.

Please contact the ITS Helpdesk with any questions about these changes.

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