Mail Services August 2013 Arrival Information


Contributed by Karen Serbonich

We are currently holding all first class mail and packages that arrive for on-campus students. 
New and returning on-campus residents (not Circle Apartments):  We will begin sorting mail into mail boxes opening weekend.  You may pick up mail at the Mail Center until then if you are an early arrival.   

Circle Apartments residents:  We will begin sorting mail into the Circle Apartment mail boxes 8/19/13.  Squatters have had mail sorted into their mail boxes throughout the summer.

Off-campus students should provide their local address to the Registrar's office.  Mail Services does not hold mail or packages for off-campus students.  These items will be sent to your permanent address, your local address or returned to the sender depending on the courier that delivered it.

Lastly, monitor the address that you have on file with mail order companies before you click "place order"!   We forwarded or returned over 100 packages over the summer due to incorrect addressing. 

Hours of operation for package pick up at the Phillips Hall Post Office and the Mail Center
Phillips Hall
-Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm
Saturday-Sunday, 10:30am - 4:45pm August 24 & August 25
Saturday August 31, 10:30am - 4:45pm
Mail Center
Monday-Friday, 8:30am -5:00pm 
Saturday-Sunday 10:30am - 4:45pm August 24 & August 25
Saturday August 31, 10:30 - 4:45pm 
We will be closed for Labor day on Monday September 2nd.

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Call the Mail Center at 607-274-3371 with questions.