New Sidewalk Pattern


Contributed by Carl Sgrecci

When Park Hall was designed in the late 1980's, its front entrance was purposefully placed directly opposite the entrance to Phillips Hall to allow for a more pedestrian friendly environment between those two buildings, Williams Hall, the later constructed Center for Natural Sciences, Hammond Health Center, and the residence halls. It has taken over 25 years, however as part of the resurfacing of U-Lot, that new system of sidewalks has been put in place and will be available to the campus community when that portion of campus reopens later this week.  By necessity, we will still have a mix of pedestrians and motor vehicles there, but we think the new sidewalks, curbing, striping and landscaping will serve to better define the appropriate areas for each and facilitate safer crossings between them.  Please observe and use the newly designed pedestrian and vehicle pattern carefully and enjoy this much improved area of our campus.  Thank you.