Aging Studies Professors Elizabeth Bergman and Mary Ann Erickson Publish Research on Students and Interest in Aging


Contributed by Paula Davis

Two faculty members in gerontology and an alumna who minored in aging studies have recently published their research in the journal, Educational Gerontology. “Attracting and Training Tomorrow’s Gerontologists: What Drives Student Interest in Aging?” was authored by Elizabeth J. Bergman, assistant professor, Mary Ann Erickson, associate professor and department chair, and Jocelyn N. Simons ’11. The research was supported in part by a grant from Ithaca College’s Center for Faculty Research and Development.

Demographic and labor force trends point to a critical need for professionals trained to work with older adults. This current study investigated factors associated with interest in aging-related topics and careers and knowledge of the opportunities that exist in the field of gerontology. Readers can access the research methodology and read the authors’ conclusions in this on-line article.