It's time to register your student organization


Contributed by Theresa Radley

The 2013-2014 Student Organization Registration period has now begun. Please note all student organizations will need to register. In order to register your student organization please follow the requirements below:


  1. Complete registration form on IC Link.
    Please click the registration tab on your organization's profile. Complete those steps.
  2. Have 10 active members (4 officers- 1 presiding officer; 1 finance manager)
    You can now go to your IC Link Profile and update your roster.
    *Remember 10 active members need to be listed above the member list.
  3. A full time Ithaca College employee must agree to be the adviser by signing an Adviser Agreement
  4. A Constitution that states the mission statement, membership and the discrimination clause 
  5. Complete the Officer Requirement:
    Three officers will be required to complete an officer quiz.
    All Treasurers will be required to complete a treasurer quiz.

If you wish to start a new club please contact the OSEMA office at 607-274-3222 for more information.

Sport Clubs and Recreational Clubs have different requirements. Please contact Recreational Sports if you have any questions.

*The final deadline to register your student organization is March 7; however, you will not be able to host events, reserve rooms, advertise or use IC funds if you do not register your student organization.