Do you know your resources for helping a student in distress?


Contributed by Rory Rothman

Did you know that you can consult with someone when you're worried about a student?  Did you know that the Office of Student Affairs and Campus Life serves as the central location for reporting your concerns?

As demands of the academic year rise, so does stress and the behaviors that cause us to feel concerned.   Assisting Students at Risk (ASR) is a program designed to help you help students who may be struggling.  ASR provides a central location for reporting concerns you may have about an Ithaca College student. 

Faculty members can consult with their dean’s office; staff members can consult with their supervisors.  Anyone can call CAPS for a consultation regarding the well-being of an Ithaca College student and recommendations for helping that student.

Learn more about how you can be a helping resource for students you know.  Responding to Students in Distress: A Guide for Faculty and Staff gives information about responding to specific behaviors, finding resources on campus and reporting your concerns.   

Assisting Students at Risk is a collaborative effort between the Office of Student Affairs and Campus Life and the Center for Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS).   Counseling services at CAPS are free and confidential for Ithaca College students.