Andrew Utterson to introduce Voyage to Italy at Cornell Cinema, October 4.


Contributed by Melissa Gattine

Andrew Utterson, assistant professor in the Department of Media Arts, Sciences and Studies, will introduce the film Voyage to Italy (1953) at Cornell Cinema on October 4 at 7:15 p.m.

Directed by Italian maestro Roberto Rossellini, Voyage to Italy (aka Journey to Italy) [Viaggio in Italia] stars Ingrid Bergman and George Sanders as a couple whose marriage is on the verge of breakdown, and whose titular 'voyage' or 'journey' is as much metaphorical and existential as it is literal.

Originally from the UK, Dr. Utterson teaches an Ithaca Seminar on 'Contemporary European Cinema', exploring questions of cultural identity via the lens of national cinemas.

For more information on the screening, visit Cornell Cinema