Laura Durling Announces her Retirement


Contributed by Terri Stewart

Laura Durling, Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management, has announced her retirement effective October 2, 2013, after 36 years of dedicated service to the Ithaca College community.

Those of you who have had the privilege to work closely with Laura know her to be a kind, compassionate, well rounded and well respected individual who has dedicated her life to serving others, both on campus, in her lifelong career as a campus law enforcement professional, and in her broad civic engagement which extends well beyond the campus boundaries.       

Laura began her career in public safety at Ithaca College in 1977 as the first female patrol officer to join the ranks. Laura’s promotional path includes her appointment to Patrol Sergeant in 1983, followed by her appointment to Investigator (and later Senior Investigator) in 1988, followed by her appointment to Assistant Director in 2004, where she led and supervised major investigations. Finally, in 2009 Laura transitioned into her current position as Assistant Director of Administrative Services. Even as Laura has been more than willing to accept new responsibilities and acquire new skillsets, she will tell you that her true passion lies with Investigations. Specialized areas that reveal her unique talent and expertise include sexual assault investigations, sexual assault prevention programming, and working with sexual assault survivors, to include her work as one of the College’s Title IX Deputy Coordinators. 

I use this opportunity to thank Laura for her countless contributions toward the betterment of Ithaca College and the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management - she will be deeply missed. Also join me in wishing Laura all the best as she embarks on yet another transition – one that we know will prove equally satisfying in new, exciting and wonderful ways.  

Please contact Laura by phone or email with your well wishes. Not one for limelight or lavish, it is our desire to respect Laura’s wish to honor her with a small, informal gathering among her Public Safety family.    

Congratulations Laura and thank you! We already miss our in-house historian and friend.