ARRRRrrrrr You Ready For International Talk Like A Pirate Day?


Contributed by Kris Monroe

 Thursday, September 19th is International Talk Like a Pirate Day

Check out an important message from Cap’n Caps Lock

But don’t be download’n or shar’n what ye don’t own.

It’ll cost ye an arm and a leg in Spanish gold (that’s up to three thousand dollars per offense in land lubber terms).

Talk like a seafarin' hearty, but don’t act like a copyright pirate. Ya scurvy dog!

Be sure to check out areas where Information Technology Services employees work on campus such as: the Helpdesk (Job 104), Classroom Technology Support (Textor 104), Friends 110 Computer Lab, Williams 210 Computer Lab, CHS Computer Lab, and the Technology Learning Center (Friends 101) to pick up some booty (FREE bookmarks).

There will also be some FREE candy along with bookmarks at the Helpdesk (while supplies last)

For more information on Copyright see the following links:

IC Information Security

IC Library Copyright Policies

IC Digital Media Services Copyright


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