DO IT: Loan the gallery objects from your garage/basement for an exhibition!


Contributed by Mara Baldwin

The Handwerker Gallery staff are busily preparing for the upcoming exhibition, do it, for which Ithaca College students will be building an exhibition from scratch working from directions of an international selection of artists including Yoko Ono, Sol LeWitt, David Lynch, Felix Gonzales-Torres, among others.

Below is our 'wish-list' for some random objects needed in the creation of this exhibition.  Objects will not be altered or destroyed in the process, unless indicated below, and will be returned to lenders promptly at the end of the exhibition on Monday, November 11.  Please email gallery director Mara Baldwin at to arrange a time for one of our interns to come pick things up from your office or for you to drop objects off at the gallery.  Objects needed ASAP!  Exhibition opens September 30th!


The following objects will not be altered and will be returned in original state:

The following objects may be altered from original state: