Project Look Sharp Presents: Thinking Critically with Kids


Contributed by Ari Kissiloff

On Tuesday, July 16, Sox Sperry, Program Associate at Project Look Sharp, hosted a free interactive class on sustainable food choices through a media literacy lens at GreenStar Cooperative Market.

The class featured Project Look Sharp’s media literacy kit, Media Constructions of Sustainability: Finger Lakes, and aimed to engage individuals of all ages in interactive, thought provoking discussions about food, water, and agriculture. Participants also enjoyed the thrill of decoding messages and thinking critically.

With over 40 years of experience teaching and educating individuals about peace and social justice, Sperry shares his knowledge with the public. His current position as Program Associate with Project Look Sharp has enabled him to author and co-author many of the free online curriculum kits available to educators throughout the nation.

Project Look Sharp, Ithaca College’s Media Literacy Initiative now has 20 media literacy kits that include detailed teacher guides and lessons for classroom decoding of historic documents.

These kits have been specifically made for K-12 classrooms and the college level courses. All kits are available free online with hard copy kits sold at cost through the Ithaca College bookstore.