Yvonne Rogalski article published in Aphasiology


Contributed by Matt Morgan

Yvonne Rogalski, an assistant professor in the Department of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, recently had an article published on the website Aphasiology. The article is titled "Attentive Reading and Constrained Summarisation (ARCS) discourse treatment for chronic Wernicke's aphasia.” It was first posted on the website in July and will appear in a future volume of the Aphasiology print edition.

Lisa Edmonds of the University of Florida as well as Valerie Daly and Melissa Gardner were also authors on the article. Daly and Gardner are both former Ithaca College graduate students and currently work as speech-language pathologists. 

Rogalski developed the "ARCS" treatment while at the University of Florida, but has since used it with a different population at Ithaca College.