Judite Stronzake, international activist, speaks on campus on September 25


Contributed by Marian Brown

On Wednesday, September 25, from 10:00am - 12:00noon in the Clark Lounge in the Campus Center, Judite Stronzake from the Brazilian Landless Worker’s Movement (MST) will present on her work to create innovative approaches to community organization, organic agriculture, and social policy that originate from a social movement. This event is free and open to the public.

Judite Stronzake has been a member of the Landless Workers' Movement (MST) of Brazil since its founding in 1984. She is a member of the MST’s national coordinating body, which provides structure for its 1.5 million members. She is the education coordinator for the international peasant organization Via Campesina in Latin America. Ms. Stronzake has extensive experience in pedagogy and rural education. After eight years living in an informal encampment, she has lived in a formalized settlement in Copavi since 1993. She speaks Portuguese and Spanish.

The Brazilian Landless Workers’ Movement is one of the largest social movements in the world today, with more than 1.5 million members in 23 of Brazil's 26 states. It is a significant social movement to learn about and learn from because of its size, but also because of the innovations it has made in social and political organization, economic survival strategies, food justice, and social policy. Meeting and speaking with Ms. Stronzake gives us the opportunity to understand injustices and inequality in a global, historical context.

Individuals with disabilities requiring accommodations should contact Marian Brown at mbrown@ithaca.edu or (607) 274-3787. We ask that requests for accommodations be made as soon as possible.

Ms. Stronzake’s appearance has been made possible through the partnership of: Committee on U.S.-Latin American Relations (CUSLAR), Cornell Engaged Learning + Research, Cornell Latin American Studies Program, Center for Transformative Action, Burtt House Friends Center, Cornell Dept. of Development Sociology, Ithaca College Dept. of Sociology, Ithaca College Latin American Studies Program, Ithaca College Diversity Awareness Committee, Sustainability at Ithaca College, Wells College and Groundswell.

For more information about Ms. Stronzake’s appearance in Ithaca, please contact cuslar@cornell.edu