CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You have won the prize of . . .


Contributed by Emily Quinn

Clicking on Ithaca College's 100th Student Organization to register for 2013-2014, Adoption Support and Awareness Alliance's message!!! Hope everyone's not in hibernation mode yet! Come join Adoption Support and Awareness Alliance this Thursday, September 26 at 6PM in Williams 218!!!

 This week's meeting for ASAA will be same time, same place (that is,Thursday at 6pm in Williams 218). We'll be discussing our mission statement and goals for the year, as well as playing some games to meet new people! Come and join us to speak your mind, learn a few things, and relax! Don't sweat it if you missed the first two meetings, just pop in this week. We'll also discuss the awesome IC mini series happening at next week's meeting on October 3rd.