Auto Login on Lab and eClassroom Computers


Contributed by Karen Sunderland

The majority of public lab computers and eClassrooms are set up to "auto login". This means that these computers will automatically login to a specialized account when the computer is turned on. This account has settings associated with it that ensure that the computer behaves in an expected way, such as making sure the projector works correctly.

If you arrive at one of these computers and are prompted to login, please reboot so that it can auto login. Otherwise, if you log in as yourself, you may experience unexpected behavior with the computer. Also, logging in with your own account will take MUCH longer than the auto-login account. Please shut down the computer when finished using it.

To access Mentor files from a computer that uses auto login, carefully follow the steps listed on the screen background (which will vary depending on the purpose of the machine and the operating system).

For problems in eClassrooms, contact CTS, 4-1443

For problems in labs, contact the ITS Helpdesk, 4-1000.