Want to visit the Caribbean in January 2014?


Contributed by Jennifer Wofford

Biology of the Oceanic Islands is now open to all students as a non credit winter session travel course.

Sea Education Association's SSV Corwith Cramer will sail for 8 days in the Caribbean departing from and returning to San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Ithaca College faculty and students will sail north, then south to the island of Culebra where they will help with island conservation work with locals. On board the boat, students will learn how to take and interpret oceanographic measurements.

WHEN: January 8-16, 2014
COST: $2,300

This fee covers all lodging, food, insurance, training, and academic program for 8 days on board the ship. Students purchase their own airfare to PR and back (estimated $400-$500). The trip is non credit, so no additional tuition charges will apply.

Contact Susan Swensen (sswensen@ithaca.edu) or Peter Melcher (pmelcher@ithaca.edu) for more information or to sign up.