IC Diversity Objectives for 2013-2014


Contributed by Thomas Rochon

Each year the IC leadership team identifies objectives that move us forward with respect to achieving the goals of our strategic plan, IC 20/20.  The identification of objectives related to our diversity goals receives special attention because those objectives are the shared responsibility of everyone on the leadership team and for that matter everyone on campus.  For that reason I thought you might be interested in seeing the IC diversity objectives for the academic year ahead.  The President’s Council has consulted with the President’s Advisory Committee on Diversity (PAC-D) in formulating these objectives.  As always it will be the task of the PAC-D to monitor our performance on these objectives.

Diversity Objectives, 2013-2014

These objectives represent key areas of focus in the year ahead with respect to diversity and inclusion at IC.  The objectives are not listed in priority order; all are important.  For fuller information and context on the strategic goals to which these annual objectives contribute, see the relevant section of the IC 20/20 strategic plan. 

Ascertain that implementation of the Integrative Core Curriculum is being carried out attentive to value and impact on students from historically marginalized groups with respect to academic success and retention. 

Ascertain that implementation of the IC Mentoring Network is being carried out attentive to value and impact on students from historically marginalized groups with respect to professional preparation and retention.

Ascertain that implementation of the diversity requirement in the core curriculum is being carried out attentive to value and impact on all students, particularly with respect to the appropriateness of the criteria for diversity designation, the effective application of those criteria, and the identification of sufficient courses meeting those criteria.

Review the faculty recruitment process through dialog and periodic updates from the provost’s office to ensure that the success in diversifying candidate pools achieved last year can be replicated or expanded.

Given the substantial increase in faculty diversity achieved in very recent years, make recommendations to the president and provost on faculty retention initiatives that should be considered. Special consideration should be given to initiatives that might appropriately be implemented by the Director of the Center for Faculty Excellence and Sponsored Research.

Identify means of assisting in the recruitment and retention of staff from historically marginalized groups in collaboration with the Manager of Diversity and Inclusion, the Associate Vice President for Human Resources, the Vice President of Legal Affairs and Human Resources and the president. 

Continue our focus on increasing ALANA representation in the student population, expanding on the last several years of success in this area.