Don't Set Up Personal Hotspots on ICAirnet and ICAirnet-Secure!


Contributed by Beth Rugg

The wi-fi networks rely on access points that use radio signals; these signals are affected by many things including devices that put out their own wi-fi signal e.g. wireless printers, cell phones acting as hot spots and mifi devices. Anything that puts out its own SSID can cause problems on the college's wi-fi network. In order to limit interference, please don't use or enable these types of devices in the academic and administrative buildings on campus.

Since we can't manage these "rogue" devices, they end up competing with our wi-fi network. So, even though you may be helping yourself and your connection, other people and other connections may be negatively impacted.  If we identify devices that are causing problems with the wi-fi network, we will either turn them off or ask you to turn them off  in accordance with the campus wireless policy.

ITS continues to work to improve wi-fi performance across campus. Please notify the Helpdesk if you are having problems or complete this form. The fixIT shop can also check for viruses, malware and other problems that may affect wireless on your computer or device.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

ITS Helpdesk
104 Job Hall