Library Cafe To Open During Mid-terms!


Contributed by Rebecca Sexton

Are you thirsty for more than knowledge?

Starbuck's Coffee, Tazo Tea and Hot Chocolate will be available during crunch time at the Library on the 2nd Floor. Sit at a cafe table with your laptop and grab a flavored coffee, 4 flavors to choose from!

Need an early morning pick-me-up or late night snack?
The Library Cafe will also have sweet treats, fresh fruits, yogurt and breakfast items to choose from -- grab a bagel, muffin or danish to keep you energized during mid-terms!

Mid-term Hours for the Library Cafe are:
-- Sunday, October 13th, OPEN: 8PM - 12Midnight
-- Monday, October 14th, OPEN: 6AM - 8AM and 8PM - 12Midnight
-- Tuesday, October 15th, OPEN: 6AM - 8AM and 8PM - 12Midnight
-- Wednesday, October 16th, OPEN: 6AM - 8AM

Bonus Bucks, ID Express, Credit Cards and Cash accepted.