September "Of The Month" Winners!


Contributed by Dominic Gentile

Congratulations to the OTM Winners for September! These winners have shown true leadership and commitment to Ithaca College.  


Campus Winners:

First Year Student: Felicya Schwarzman 

Res Life Faculty/Staff: Megan Williams 

Resident Assistant: Kristopher Bosela

Social Program: Messy Games


Honorable Mentions: 

Katie Hellmann

Samantha Guter 

Benjamin Grove

Luke Hesinger 

Hannah Oppenheim

Bud Gankhuyag

Elizabeth Lambert 

Carli Rumstein 

West Tower Competition (program)

ICC Theme Trivia: World of Systems (program)

Lyon Hall Messy Games Championship (program)



To learn more about Of The Month Awards and the National Residence Hall Honorary, visit our website: