Spring 2014 Technology Renewal Information


Contributed by Irene Scott

Are there computers in your area scheduled for replacement in Spring 2014 under the Technology Renewal Program?

Questionnaires and renewal information will be sent via e-mail to guardians and coordinators the week of November 1st.

Each asset in the renewal program has an identifying asset tag listing its replacement cycle. If your area is affected, we ask that you take a moment to verify that these items are listed correctly in the Technology Renewal asset database.

Just go to our Technology Renewal page and log in with your Netpass username and password to view and/or modify your area’s computer assets.

If an asset needs to be changed (i.e., to a different guardian or room number), please submit a change request for that asset, and we'll take care of updating the record.

Complete information about the Technology Renewal Program, including specific asset locations and replacement configuration information is available on our Technology Renewal information page.

If an asset cannot be found, please report it as soon as possible.  The college policy for lost/stolen/damaged computer equipment can be found here.

Please feel free to contact Irene Scott at iscott@ithaca.edu if you have any questions.